5 property management tools everyone in the industry should be using

It makes perfect sense that the internet is inundated with discussions about the best property management tools for landlords. The opportunity to take renting from a side gig to a constant cash flow is the reason real estate investment is so appealing. It’s also why so many people are seeking a way to make renting […]

How to write an eviction notice


One of the most stressful situations a landlord can encounter is an impending eviction. Even if you dotted your i’s, crossed your t’s, and screened your tenants, things still happen and an eviction notice might be necessary. If you’re facing a possible eviction, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re doing it the right way. Otherwise, you could […]

3 things you didn’t know were illegal

Call us optimists, but we like to think most landlords out there are genuinely trying to do their best at owning and renting a property. However, we also believe that nobody is perfect. Here are three things you might not know you’re doing wrong so that you can avoid unintentionally breaking the law and losing […]

What you should know before adding solar to your rental

Solar panels can be a great way to reduce your utility bills while making your roof work for you. If you’ve got rental properties, solar energy can be a boon for your tenants — not to mention the incentives you’ll qualify for in many states. If you’re considering adding solar to your rental properties, here […]

Utah Rental Trends 2017

Recently we collected data from thousands of listings across our site to learn more about the rental industry and rental trends in our home state, Utah. If you’re based in Utah too, you might be surprised to learn which cities are growing the fastest and where people are paying the most to rent. (Hint: invest […]

How can I be sure I’m complying with fair housing laws?

In 1968, the Fair Housing Act was passed to protect tenants from discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, and familial status. If you’re a landlord, you’re probably pretty familiar with fair housing laws (if not, read up here).  Although it seems pretty basic, thousands of lawsuits are filed each year by […]

Tips for handling disgruntled tenants

how to evict a tenant

Renting out your properties keeps money coming in to help you pay the mortgage and maintain the property, but renting also means that you have to deal with tenants. Occasionally you’ll encounter unhappy or disgruntled tenants — they might be angry for a variety of reasons, some of which you may not be able to […]

5 steps to protect your property before a natural disaster

5 ways to protect your property before a natural disaster

Natural disasters—and the damage they inflict—are unpredictable, and frantic preparation in the hours before a storm arrives can leave important tasks unfinished. If you own rental property in an area that’s at risk for hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires, or other natural events, take these preventive measures early and often to protect your investment. Make a […]

Rentler x Big Door

rentler property management software at Big Door

Rentler is headquartered in Utah, where there happens to be a little tech boom happening (Silicon Slopes, anyone?), which means we get some cool opportunities to hang out with start-ups and large companies that are creating a revolution in their industries. Recently we had the chance to be part of a Big Door Product Hunt […]

The two most appealing amenities to tenants

property management tips

Everyone knows that turnover is what kills a rental property investment. As a landlord, you want to have features that, first and foremost, create a long-term tenant. That’s the number one goal: to have a place with assets that appeal to people who are going to stay a long time. A lot of landlords are thinking about […]

Landlords: Here’s how to save on your water bill

property management software tips

No property manager wants to pay too much for water. However, if those costs aren’t kept in check through good practices, the results can be much worse than a costly bill. Just ask the residents of a condo in DeKalb County, Georgia. In February, the condo’s property management company threatened to condemn the building and […]

Ready to rent? Here’s advice from real property managers

property manager using rentler's property management software

As someone looking to become a property manager, your responsibility is to make sure everything runs smoothly while keeping your residents safe and happy. To some, this seems easy; but it’s not always smooth sailing when you’re trying to deal with numerous tenants and several complications at the same time, especially if you’re new at this. If […]